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Registering with Downton Surgery – Your Gateway to NHS Services

Welcome to Downton Surgery! We are delighted to provide comprehensive healthcare services to all of our patients.

Registering with our GP surgery grants you access to a wide range of NHS services, ensuring your well-being and health needs are met with utmost care and professionalism.

Non-urgent advice: Important Update: Practice Boundary Registration

To continue providing excellent healthcare services and prioritize the needs of our patients within our practice boundary, Downton Surgery has decided not to register new patients residing outside of our designated practice boundary.

Our current practice boundary can be found here

This decision is to safeguard the services in place for patients who are residents within our boundary and ensure they receive the prompt and attentive care they deserve.

Online Registration

The Easiest Way to Register: Online Registration

We are excited to introduce our new and efficient online registration service. This user-friendly platform makes registering with Downton Surgery a breeze!

Benefits of Online Registration:

By utilizing the online registration service, we can streamline administrative tasks and provide you with a seamless registration experience. The process is efficient and user-friendly, allowing you to register with ease.

How it Works:

To register online, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Fill in the quick online form to start the registration process.
  3. Rest assured, you do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID, or an NHS number to register online.
Register online

Your Information is Safe:

The online service is designed and operated by the NHS, ensuring the utmost security and confidentiality of your personal information. Your data remains safe and protected throughout the registration process.

Paper Registration

Paper Forms are Available:

Although online registration is the simplest method, we understand that some individuals may prefer paper forms. If you require a paper registration form, they are still available at our surgery. Please visit our reception team for a paper registration form.

Registering Children:

For children under 16, registration is typically completed by their parent or guardian. You may be asked to provide a separate registration form for your child, along with a form of ID to confirm your parental or guardianship status.

If you possess a personal child health record (red book) from your child’s birth, providing it can be beneficial during registration. This will be needed for infants.

Changing GP Surgeries:

Should the need arise to change your GP surgery, perhaps due to a change in residence or issues with your current GP surgery, we welcome your registration with Downton Surgery. When you switch to a new GP surgery, your medical records will be transferred from your previous GP, a process that usually takes up to 28 days.

Non-urgent advice: Prescriptions

Please note that you may need to ask your current surgery to issue a new prescription before you leave as we may not be able to prescribe any medication without your notes.

Registering as a Temporary Resident:

Should you need to reside away from your home but prefer not to change your home GP surgery, you can register as a temporary resident with Downton Surgery for up to 3 months. To register, please complete a temporary services form (GMS3) available from our surgery.